Consultation: East Inshore and East Offshore marine plan areas Draft Statement of Public Participation

Consultation start: 24/01/2011 Consultation end: 21/02/2011  17:00 Summary from MMO: All responses received will be considered in the final Statement of Public Participation (SPP) before it’s adopted. The SPP will need to be approved by the Secretary of State before its adoption in March. The consultation letter invites your comments and views on the draft… [ Read More ]

Consultation: Consultation on an amendment to the order made under the Import of Live Fish Act 1980 (ILFA)

Consultation start: 19/01/2010 Consultation end: 13/04/2010 Summary from Defra: This consultation sought your views on the Government’s proposals to amend The Prohibition of Keeping or Release of Live Fish (Specified Species) Order 1998, and the subsequent Amendment Order 2003. The amendment is intended to restrict the availability of potentially damaging non-native species and thus lessen… [ Read More ]

Consultation: Consultation on orders establishing Inshore Fisheries and Conservation districts and their associated authorities

Consultation start: Open date 22/03/2010 Consultation end: Close date 14/06/2010 Summary from Defra: This consultation seeks your views on the core provisions that each order setting up and IFC district must specify, e.g. the seaward and landward boundaries of the districts, the numbers of MMO appointees and local authority members and the rationale for deciding… [ Read More ]

Consultation: Marine Planning System for England

Consultation start: 21/07/2010 Consultation end: 13/10/2010 Summary from Defra: The Marine Planning System consultation sets out the marine planning system in England for the new Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and other interested organisations and persons. It aims to provide a context for the Marine Policy Statement consultation by outlining the planning system in England as… [ Read More ]

Consultation: Marine Policy Statement

Consultation start: 21/07/2010 Consultation end: 13/10/2010 Summary from Defra: The Marine Policy Statement (UK) will be the first part of new systems of marine planning being introduced around the UK. It will provide the high level policy context within which Marine Plans will be developed, and set the direction for marine licensing and other relevant… [ Read More ]

Natural Environment White Paper

Consultation start: 26/07/2010 Consultation end: 30/10/2010 Summary from the Environment Agency: An invitation to shape the nature of England. Our natural environment underpins our economic prosperity, our health and our wellbeing. As a result, protecting the environment and enhancing biodiversity is one of Defra’s top three priorities, as outlined in the Department’s Structural Reform Plan…. [ Read More ]

Consultation: Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009: Secondary Legislation for the Marine Licensing System

Consultation start: 29/11/2010 Consultation end: 07/01/2011 Summary from Defra: A new Marine Licensing System introduced by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 will be launched in spring 2011.  The consultation (England only) sets out policy proposals for the fees for the new marine licensing system. Defra invite your views on the proposals for the… [ Read More ]

Consultation: Regional Flood and Coastal Committees – Scheme of Membership

Consultation start: 20/12/2010 Consultation end: 28/01/2011 Summary from the Environment Agency: The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 has made a number of changes to the Regional Flood Defence Committees (RFDCs). As well as agreeing to the Environment Agency’s regional programme, the name of the RFDCs will change to Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCCs)…. [ Read More ]

Consultation: Fisheries admin penalties

Consultation start: 11/11/2010 Consultation end: 03/02/2011 Summary from Defra: The financial administrative penalties (FAP) scheme for Common Fisheries Policy offences has been in operation in England for two years. Part of our commitment to industry, at the inception of the scheme, was to review the scheme two years after implementation. In view of this, we… [ Read More ]

Ouse to Seaford Head Coastal Defence Strategy

Consultation start: 04/01/2011 Consultation end: 15/02/2011 Summary from the Environment Agency: We are currently updating our draft strategy report which sets out a framework for managing flood and erosion risk for the next 100 years on the River Ouse from the A27 road bridge to Newhaven, and the coastline between Newhaven and Seaford. We are… [ Read More ]

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