Consultation: Consultation on an amendment to the order made under the Import of Live Fish Act 1980 (ILFA)

Consultation start: 19/01/2010
Consultation end: 13/04/2010

Summary from Defra:

This consultation sought your views on the Government’s proposals to amend The Prohibition of Keeping or Release of Live Fish (Specified Species) Order 1998, and the subsequent Amendment Order 2003. The amendment is intended to restrict the availability of potentially damaging non-native species and thus lessen the chances of their introduction and spread into the wild. This would help prevent the threat posed by such species to native flora and fauna and the consequent damage to aquatic ecosystems from adverse impacts arising from their spread.

This consultation was aimed at environmentalists, the angling community ornamental fish traders.

Summary of responses

For more information visit the Defra website.

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