Consultation: Consultation on orders establishing Inshore Fisheries and Conservation districts and their associated authorities

Consultation start: Open date 22/03/2010
Consultation end: Close date 14/06/2010

Summary from Defra:

This consultation seeks your views on the core provisions that each order setting up and IFC district must specify, e.g. the seaward and landward boundaries of the districts, the numbers of MMO appointees and local authority members and the rationale for deciding where a district should end, which local authorities will fall within the new districts and the proportion of levy they must pay towards their IFCA’s expenses. We are also consulting on the rules of procedure that IFCA committees will be required to operate.

This consultation will be of interest to a wide range of stakeholders: local authorities, environmental groups, fishermen (commercial and recreational), fishing industry and government departments.

Summary of responses

For more information visit the Defra website.

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