Consultation: East Inshore and East Offshore marine plan areas Draft Statement of Public Participation

Consultation start: 24/01/2011 Consultation end: 21/02/2011  17:00

Summary from MMO:

All responses received will be considered in the final Statement of Public Participation (SPP) before it’s adopted. The SPP will need to be approved by the Secretary of State before its adoption in March.

The consultation letter invites your comments and views on the draft East inshore and East offshore draft Statement of Public Participation (SPP). The draft SPP sets out the stages for production of the marine plans over a two-year period, who we will engage with, and key opportunities to get involved throughout this process. 

The SPP will be a very important document as it will allow different groups, agencies and people in general to have a clear timescale for the stages in which they can get involved in marine plan making. It will also set out the stages for production of the marine plan, which is anticipated, will be a two-year process. It will include a map of the marine plan area, how you can make your views known and how long you have to make your views known. Each plan area will have its own SPP to ensure it is specific to the individual area and takes account of the varying needs of each plan area.

In order to ensure we adopt the most appropriate and ultimately the best methods for stakeholder involvement we will also be looking for input into the SPP, so you can let us know how you would like to be involved in the marine plan-making process.

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