CPN Marine Planning Meeting 2010

University College London  – 23 November 2010

The autumn meeting for the CPN aimed to identify and address some of the major issues facing marine planning, using the announcement of the first two marine plan areas as a point of focus. Workshop sessions clarified roles for Coastal Partnerships (CPs) within marine planning with the event creating the foundations for forming close working relationships with outside organisations.

The document below provides a summary of the main findings from the event:

Summary of CPN Autumn 2010 Meeting

If you wish to view a more detailed overview of the meeting, with full transcripts, relevant papers and delegate lists found in the appendices, below are the full minutes from the meeting:

Detailed Minutes of CPN Autumn 2010 Meeting

PowerPoint presentations from the autumn 2010 meeting can be accessed below:

Speaker Subject and presentation title
Jim Masters

(Coastal Partnerships Network)

Introduction to CPN Workshop
Steve Brooker (MMO) Marine Planning Update
Eamon Mythen
(Communities and Local Government)
Overview of reforms to the terrestrial planning system in England

English Regions

Tim Norman

(The Crown Estate)

Marine Planning Issues
Rhona Fairgrieve

(Scottish Coastal Forum)

Marine Planning in Scotland
Julia Williams
(Welsh Assembly Government)
Marine Planning in Wales
Lindsey Tucker
(Environment Agency)
Marine planning and the world according to the Environment Agency
Tammy Smalley
(Natural England)
What Marine Spatial Planning means to Natural England
Natasha Barker
(WWF/Wildlife and Countryside Link)
The world according to…WWF / Wildlife & Countryside Link
Phil Dyke
(National Trust)
Marine planning, The National Trust and six issues to change the world

Other documents and links relating to the autumn 2010 meeting which may be of interest:

Final Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda

Coastal protected landscapes and marine planning system report

Marine Planning: The role of the MMO and Partnerships, Steve Brooker, MMO

Marine planning timeline for MMO and CPN

The MMO are holding workshops to feed into the Statement of Public Participation process in Hull, Peterborough and Norwich in January 2011. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, contact the MMO at planning@marinemanagement.org.uk or telephone 0191 376 2790.

<table border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”5″ width=”675″>


<td width=”261″ valign=”top” bgcolor=”#CCCCCC”><p><strong>Speaker</strong></p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top” bgcolor=”#CCCCCC”><p><strong>Subject and    presentation title</strong></p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Jim Masters </strong><br />

(Coastal    Partnerships Network) </p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Introduction to CPN Workshop</p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Steve Brooker</strong><strong> </strong><br />


<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Marine    Planning Update </p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Eamon Mythen</strong><strong> </strong><br />

(Communities and Local Government)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Overview of    reforms to the terrestrial planning system in England </p>

<p>English Regions </p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Tim Norman</strong><strong> </strong><br />

(The Crown Estate)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Marine    Planning Issues </p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Rhona Fairgrieve</strong><strong> </strong><br />

(Scottish Coastal Forum)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Marine Planning in Scotland </p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Julia Williams</strong><strong> </strong><br />

(Welsh Assembly Government)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Marine    Planning in Wales </p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Lindsey Tucker</strong><strong> </strong><br />

(Environment Agency)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Marine planning and the world according to    the Environment Agency<strong></strong></p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Tammy Smalley </strong>(Natural    England)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>What Marine Spatial Planning means to Natural England</p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Natasha Barker</strong><strong> </strong><br />

(WWF/Wildlife and Countryside Link)</p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>The world according to…WWF / Wildlife &amp; Countryside Link    (PDF version and PPT version) </p></td>



<td width=”261″ valign=”top”><p><strong>Phil Dyke</strong><br />

(National    Trust) </p></td>

<td width=”394″ valign=”top”><p>Marine planning, The National Trust and six issues to    change the world</p></td>



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