Department for Communities and Local Government

“Localism, localism, localism”

The Government is overseeing a fundamental shift of power away from Westminster to councils, communities and homes across the nation. A radical localist vision is turning Whitehall on its head by decentralising central government and giving power to the people.

At the Department for Communities and Local Government we are helping to end big government and create a free, fair and responsible Big Society by:

  • decentralising power as far as possible
  • meeting people’s housing aspirations
  • putting communities in charge of planning
  • increasing accountability
  • letting people see how their money is being spent.

The Department sets policy on supporting local government; communities and neighbourhoods; regeneration; housing; planning, building and the environment; and fire. The Department is ending the era of top-down government by giving new powers to councils, communities, neighbours and individuals.

View the Department for Communities and Local Government presentation that was given at the CPN Marine Planning Meeting 2010:
Overview of reforms to the terrestrial planning system in England
English Regions

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