Marine Plan Areas

MMO LogoMarine Planning was established by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. The Marine Management Organisation is the body responsible for drawing up marine plans for England.

On 16 November 2009, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) invited views on a series of proposed plan areas within the English inshore and English offshore regions, and for the considerations that we should take into account when deciding the order that we develop marine plans. The result of the consultation was the establishment of 11 marine plan areas in England. This will result in 10 marine plans in place (the North West plan area will be a single marine plan). See the attached map for more information.

Marine Plan Areas for England

The Marine Policy Statement sets the framework for licensing decisions to be made in compliance with national policy in the absence of marine plans.

The 1st two Plan Areas- East Inshore and East Offshore

The East Inshore and East Offshore areas were the first areas in England to be selected for marine planning. The East Inshore area includes a coastline that stretches from Flamborough Head to Felixstowe. The plans were published in 2014 and can be viewed here:

East Marine Plans

Work on the South plan is progressing, with the consultation on the draft plan recently closing (January 2017), and in 2016 work started on all the remaining marine plan areas across England (South East, South West, North East and North West).

For more information on marine planning and progress follow this link.

Coastal Partnerships Network will work with stakeholders across all areas and keep our website updated as we progress with marine planning. Coastal Partnerships have a key role to play in working closely with the Marine Management Organiasation to ensure there is ongoing stakeholder engagement in the marine plan development and – looking ahead – the marine plan review process.

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