Our role with the MMO

MMO LogoThe MMO will seek to utilise existing channels and mechanisms to engage with stakeholders throughout marine plan making. The CPN plays a role in pulling together and communicating with some of the coastal partnerships that operate around the coast of England. This role could add value to the work of the MMO by contributing to the overall stakeholder engagement that the MMO needs to carry out as a part of marine planning.

During the Marine Plan making process the MMO will need to use several routes for stakeholder communications and engagement. The CPN might usefully serve as one of these routes. In addition, the CPN might act as a communication route for the Marine Plan areas where marine planning is not happening at any given time i.e. keeping the stakeholders updated on Marine Plan making elsewhere.

Steve Brooker, Head of Marine Planning, has given his full endorsement to the work of the CPN and is keen to develop the relationship between the MMO and the CPN throughout the marine planning process.

Read the MMO Letter of Endorsement

See the MMO Letter of Endorsement

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