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Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

The Old Sail Loft
Milford Docks
Milford Haven
SA73 3AF

Contact: Tonia Forsyth
Tel: 01646 696173

Type of partnership: Neutral, broad-based and honest broker role.
Marine Plan Area: 8. South West Inshore

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum brings together a variety of stakeholders from the public, private and voluntary sectors. It is an independent voluntary body and provides a unique role where no other single organisation has overall responsibility. The Forum encourages greater integration of all interests on the Pembrokeshire coast, ranging from fishing and shipping through to energy and tourism. Inclusivity is central to the success of this work with individuals as well as organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector being involved through a range of services. All the partners work to promote a sustainable approach to the planning, management, use of and development of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Zone. This ensures that its natural, cultural and economic assets are maintained and enhanced for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. As the majority of Pembrokeshire is no further than several miles from the sea, and many terrestrial/maritime activities can have an influence on the coastal zone.

Core ServicesAdditional Services
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Provision of network opportunities
  • Facilitation role
  • Communication - dissemination of the relevant information
  • Community engagement and awareness raising
  • Informing coastal/maritime planning, policy, legislation and strategy
  • Providing a central point of contact for coastal issues
  • Promote collaborative working
  • Provision of an up to date database
  • Commisioning of delivering relevant research
  • Provision of coastal services
  • Education
  • Environmental education
  • Marine planning
  • Habitat management
  • Community projects
  • Commercial
  • Tourism/recreation
  • Partnership working, project delivery, fundraising
  • Other
Core PurposesDesignations
  • Integrated planning and management of the coast (ICZM)
  • Environmental management/conservation
  • Recreation and tourism.
  • Influencing policy and legislation.
  • To assist agencies and authorities in carrying out their function on the coast.
  • To provide a broadly based consultative forum on the coast.
  • Local Nature Reserve
  • National Nature Reserve
  • National Park
  • SSSI
  • SPA
  • SAC
  • European Marine Set
  • Ramsar Site
  • Marine Nature Reserve

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