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Forth Estuary Forum

Exmouth Building
Port of Rosyth
KY11 2XP

Contact: Christopher Cutts
Tel: 01383 420104
Fax: 01383 420104

Type of partnership: Neutral, broad-based and honest broker role.
Marine Plan Area: 11. Other

The Forth Estuary Forum is a partnership of people and organisations around the Firth of Forth on the east coast of Scotland. The partnership draws its membership from a wide spectrum of interests including business, statutory agencies, local authorities and voluntary groups.

The Forum's purpose is to promote the wise and sustainable use of the Forth.

We also try to promote a co-ordinated approach to the management of our coastline and marine areas. The Forum does not have any statutory powers or duties - instead it relies on persuading others to voluntarily adopt plans and policies in line with the Forum's aim and objectives.

The Forum was set up in 1993 with a core group of members from a wide range of organisations including industry, local authorities and environmental groups as well as interested individuals. From these small beginnings it has expanded to a membership of around 80, established an office in Rosyth with two permanent staff and led on many projects and initiatives over the years.

Core ServicesAdditional Services
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Provision of network opportunities
  • Facilitation role
  • Communication - dissemination of the relevant information
  • Community engagement and awareness raising
  • Informing coastal/maritime planning, policy, legislation and strategy
  • Providing a central point of contact for coastal issues
  • Promote collaborative working
  • Provision of an up to date database
  • Commisioning of delivering relevant research
  • Provision of coastal services
  • Education
  • Environmental education
  • Marine planning
  • Community projects
  • Strategy/management planning
  • Tourism/recreation
  • Partnership working, project delivery, fundraising
Core PurposesDesignations
  • Integrated planning and management of the coast (ICZM)
  • Influencing policy and legislation.
  • To assist agencies and authorities in carrying out their function on the coast.
  • SPA
  • SAC
  • Ramsar Site

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