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Tees Industry Nature Conservation Association

Phoenix Centre
Wilton International
TS10 4RG

Contact: Bob Pailor
Tel: 01642 455102
Fax: 01642 452428
Email: bob.pailor@inca.uk.com
Web: http://www.inca.uk.com

Type of partnership: Neutral, broad-based and honest broker role.
Marine Plan Area: 1. North East Inshore

Core ServicesAdditional Services
  • Provision of network opportunities
  • Facilitation role
  • Communication - dissemination of the relevant information
  • Promote collaborative working
  • Habitat management/creation
  • Habitat management
  • Partnership working, project delivery, fundraising
Core PurposesDesignations
  • Environmental management/conservation
  • Business and commercial support.
  • To assist agencies and authorities in carrying out their function on the coast.
  • National Nature Reserve
  • SSSI
  • SPA
  • European Marine Set
  • Ramsar Site

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