Druridge Bay Partnership

c/o Northumberland Wildlife Trust
Garden House, St Nicholas Park, Gosforth
Tyne and Wear

Contact: Steve Scoffin
Tel: 0191 284 6884
Fax: 0191 284 6794
Email: steve.scoffin@northwt.org.uk
Web: www.druridgebay.org.uk

Type of partnership: Environmental management/conservation focused.
Marine Plan Area: 1. North East Inshore

The Druridge Bay Partnership is a group of stakeholders representing the interests of communities, visitors, biodiversity and cultural heritage in the wider Druridge Bay area, and wishing to undertake collaborative management to further advance these by implementing management action which will protect and enhance the special qualities of Druridge Bay for the benefit of the environment of the Bay and of its communities and visitors

Core ServicesAdditional Services
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communication - dissemination of the relevant information
  • Community engagement and awareness raising
  • Promote collaborative working
  • Commisioning of delivering relevant research
  • Provision of coastal services
  • Habitat management/creation
  • Education
  • Environmental education
  • Habitat management
  • Community projects
  • Strategy/management planning
  • Tourism/recreation
  • Partnership working, project delivery, fundraising
Core PurposesDesignations
  • Environmental management/conservation
  • Recreation and tourism.
  • Influencing policy and legislation.
  • To assist agencies and authorities in carrying out their function on the coast.
  • To provide a broadly based consultative forum on the coast.
  • Local Nature Reserve
  • SSSI
  • SPA
  • Ramsar Site
  • Other

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