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Thanet Coast Project

c/o Thanet Council, P.O. Box 9
Cecil Street

Contact: Tony Child
Tel: 01843 577672
Fax: 01843 577686

Type of partnership: Environmental management/conservation focused.
Marine Plan Area: 5. South East Inshore

The Thanet Coast Project (TCP) was set up in 2001 to help implement actions identified by local people for the first NE Kent European marine sites (NEKEMS) Management Scheme.

The Project's main objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of the area’s important marine and bird life
  • Work with people to safeguard coastal wildlife
  • Be a one-stop shop for coastal information
  • Promote wildlife events and activities

The NEKEMS partnership includes a Management Group (meets 2/yr), Stakeholder Group (meets 2/yr) and Advisory Group (meets 4/yr). The latest NEKEMS Management Scheme and Action Plan runs from 2007-13. TCP activities are extremely varied from promoting the Thanet Coastal Codes (drafted by local users); facilitating coastal recreational issues... to public events; community activities; school water safety sessions, ecoclubs & fieldtrips; SeaART to volunteer work with the Thanet Coast Warden Scheme and practical tasks.

Core ServicesAdditional Services
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Provision of network opportunities
  • Facilitation role
  • Communication - dissemination of the relevant information
  • Community engagement and awareness raising
  • Informing coastal/maritime planning, policy, legislation and strategy
  • Providing a central point of contact for coastal issues
  • Promote collaborative working
  • Provision of an up to date database
  • Provision of coastal services
  • Other
  • Habitat management/creation
  • Education
  • Environmental education
  • Marine planning
  • Habitat management
  • Pathfinder project
  • Community projects
  • Fisheries
  • Strategy/management planning
  • Tourism/recreation
  • Partnership working, project delivery, fundraising
Core PurposesDesignations
  • Integrated planning and management of the coast (ICZM)
  • Environmental management/conservation
  • Recreation and tourism.
  • Influencing policy and legislation.
  • To assist agencies and authorities in carrying out their function on the coast.
  • To provide a broadly based consultative forum on the coast.
  • Other.
  • National Nature Reserve
  • SSSI
  • SPA
  • SAC
  • European Marine Set
  • Ramsar Site

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