The Marine Policy Statement

The Marine Policy Statement (MPS) will be the first stage in the new UK marine planning system, providing a framework under which Marine Plans will be developed. It will bring together existing policies relating to the UK marine area, helping to strategically manage our seas and aim towards sustainable development of our marine resources.

The development of the Marine Policy Statement is supported by the Objectives in Defra’s Our seas – a shared resource: High Level Marine Objectives,  published in April 2009.

A consultation on the Marine Policy Statement closed on 13 October 2010, with the initial summary of responses published on 30 November 2010. It is currently under Parliamentary Scrutiny until late January 2011 and is expected to be released in spring 2011.

The Statement of Public Participation will set out the stages for stakeholder involvement in marine planning. In order to inform this process, a questionnaire was made available to stakeholders until December. Workshops will also be held in January 2011 in Hull, Peterborough and Norwich to further explore methods for engagement in marine planning. For more information on how you can become involved in this process, please email:

More information about the Marine Policy Statement.

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