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Update: Marine CoLABoration

Turning the Tide: Ocean Framing

On the 22nd of November in Shoreditch, the Marine CoLABoration held a fascinating workshop launch for Turning the Tide, a new guide to effective strategies for ocean communications based on new research from the FrameWorks Institute. Moira O’Neil and Nicky Hawkins from the FrameWorks Institute designed the guide. The key message from the presentations given at the launch by Moira and Nicky, suggests that using health language and body metaphors can increase the public’s understanding about the role of the ocean in our planet’s ability to function. The guide, which is the result of comprehensive research with the UK public, outlines how to talk about the ocean to improve public understanding and increase support for solutions. It reveals a new story that will change how people think about the ocean. A report summarising the findings of the research is also available.

We Are Ocean

The We Are Ocean collective is the product of an experimental Marine CoLABoration project to increase ocean literacy in the UK. It emerged in 2016 from a small group of organisations, aligned by shared objectives of increasing Ocean Literacy and effective collaboration. The collective runs World Ocean Day for Schools and its first report on the state of ocean literacy can be found here. In October the collective held its 2019 Summit and the outputs from the event can be found here.

#Oneless #OneLess is an initiative that has been changing the way Londoners drink water – from plastic water bottles to refilling. They have been tackling ocean plastic pollution at source since 2016 by reducing, and ultimately eliminating, plastic water bottles from London. #OneLess works with major London businesses, cultural attractions, events, places and policy makers to find and implement solutions to enable a refill culture. The #Oneless Leaders’ Summit aimed to showcase solutions and accelerate change in order to reduce single plastic water bottle use. If you are interested in reducing single use plastics in your area, you can find out more about the summit event and how the #Oneless initiative and its pioneer network works.

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