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CPN Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) Outputs
(2022 - 23) 

CPN 3Cs: National Framework for Coastal Coordination 

Development Phase 1 2022/23 Final Report 

CPN 3Cs National Working Group

CPN Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) Outputs
(2021 - 22) 

CPN 3Cs: National Framework for Coastal Coordination

Pilot Phase 2021/22

CPN 3Cs National Working Group

● Appendix 1: Ultimate Horrendogram (pdf)
● Appendix 2: CoBA Trial Briefing (Feb 2022) (pdf)
● Appendix 3: ReMeMaRe Case Study (pdf)
● Appendix 4: ReMeMaRe Strategy and Legislative Drivers (pdf)
● Appendix 5: ReMeMaRe Survey Response Summary (pdf)
● Appendix 6: ReMeMaRe Strategy and Projects and Campaigns (pdf)
● Appendix 7: ReMeMaRe Strategy with 1-2-1 notes (pdf)
● Appendix 8: CPN Audit Infographic (pdf)
● Appendix 9: Coastal Groups and the Coastal Group Networks: Establishment and
                           Delivery of Floods and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (pdf)
● Appendix 10: Data Review Recommendations for the CPN_2022 (pdf)
● Appendix 11: CPN LDP Programme and Marine CoLAB Overview (pdf)
● Appendix 12: Evaluating and Valuing Coastal Partnership Social Capital - NEF (pdf)
● Appendix 13: Evaluating Coastal and Estuary Partnerships (pdf)
● Appendix 14: OneCoast Summary (pdf)
● Appendix 15: Coastal Communities APPG Summary (pdf)

Regional Demonstration Projects–Summaries and Final Reports
SOUTH: Coastal Partnerships in the South: Strengthening Relationships to Maximise
Socio-Economic and Environmental Outcomes

○ Appendix 16: Executive Summary
○ Appendix 17: Overall Recommendations
○ Appendix 18: Digital Handbook
SOUTH-WEST: Devon’s Coastal Champions: Estuary Partnerships Promoting Public

○ Appendix 19: A Brilliantly Coordinated Coastal Devon: Summary Outputs
○  Final Report to
be delivered
NORTH-WEST: Exploring the Benefits of a Regional Approach to Coastal Coordination
n North West England

○ Appendix 20: Executive Summary - The North West Experience
○ Appendix 21: What's Happening on the North West Coast: Pilot Report
○ Final Report: Coming soon 
Mersey Estuary Action Planning
○ Appendix 22: Mersey Estuary Project Report
NORTH-EAST: North East Coastal Network
○ Appendix 23: Summary Report
○ Final report: Coming soon 
EAST: Limits of Acceptable Change Study – Development Support
○ Appendix 24: LAC Final Report
○ Appendices 25 & 26: LAC Annex 2 & Annex 3
SOUTH-EAST: Revitalising Coastal Coordination across the South East
○ Final report to be delivered
Marine CoLABoration Publications

The Marine CoLABoration: An Introduction to Our Approach 

Marine CoLABoration

Introduction to Ocean Literacy

Marine CoLABoration

Introduction to Communications and the Values Based Approach

Marine CoLABoration

Coastal Partnership Network Publications 

Baseline Report for Developing Partnership Working at the Coast

Coastal Partnerships Network

English Coastal Challenge Summit Report 2018

Coastal Partnerships Network

UK Coastal Partnerships Map

Coastal Partnerships Network

CPN Action Plan

Coastal Partnerships Network

Coastal Challenge Summit Report 2019

Coastal Partnerships Network

The Coastal Based Approach

CoBA Steering Group 

Profiting from Partnership: Putting A Price On Member Benefits

Entec UK

CPN Action Plan 2020

Coastal Partnerships Network

CPN Consultation Report 2021



English Coastal Challenge Summit Report Summary 2018

Coastal Partnerships Network

One Coast: Letter to the Chancellor 2020 

One Coast

External Topical Reports

The Future of Seaside Towns


House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns


Government Response to 'The Future of Seaside Towns' Report

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

Managing the Coast in a Changing Climate

Committee on Climate Change 

Ocean State Report, Second Issue 2018 


Copernicus Marine Service

Fisheries White Paper: Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations


Future of the Sea: Health and Wellbeing of Coastal Communities

Government Office for Science

CCA Policy Strategy

Coastal Communities Alliance

Coastal Regeneration Handbook

Coastal Communities Alliance

Championing Coastal Coordination: A Framework for National Delivery 

CPN 3Cs National Working Group

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