We'd like to hear from you, so we can tailor our offering and collaborative project opportunities to best support Coastal Partnerships. The consultation will be open until 4th January. 

The Coastal Partnerships Network Consultation Survey has been designed to gather your views on the future of the Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN) and how we can best work with Coastal Partnerships (CPs) on-the-ground to deliver better coastal management and do more for wildlife and communities.

We launched the consultation with a series of introductory webinars. If you missed these, you can watch below. Our Values-Based Approach webinar is also available to watch.

The first part of the survey focuses upon internal CP Network services, split into three areas - we'd like to know how we can best support you through these.  

A. Learning and Development
B. Networking and Communications
C. Collaboration

We will also ask briefly about D. The Future of the CPN

In the second part, we'd like to gauge your interest in being involved in Further Collaboration and Learning Opportunities such as: 

  • The Marine CoLABoration

  • Year of the Coast Programme: 2021 - 2023

  • Coastal Based Approach Proposal (CoBA)

  • Coastal Communities APPG Inquiry 2021: “A Resilient Future for Coastal Communities”

  • ReMeMaRe: Restoring [seagrass] Meadows, [salt] Marsh and [oyster] Reef

Some of these opportunities will have funding attached, and we'd like to know if you're keen to be involved. The survey provides information on each as well as an opportunity to indicate your interest. 

We can't wait to hear what you think about our plans for CPN services and our unfolding collaboration opportunities. Click through to the survey below. 





Just an important note that you must press SUBMIT at the end of the survey for your answers to be saved so we can see them - if you'd like to skip to the end, use the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to do so. If you don't submit, we can't capture your information, and this would be a travesty!