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What does the network do?

The Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN) exists to encourage the exchange of information and debate between Coastal Partnerships and to establish links with other coastal stakeholders. It seeks to offer increased opportunities for learning, collaboration and influence, strengthening and supporting Coastal Partnerships and encouraging stronger representation of the value of their work.

At a national level, Coastal Partnerships, their networks, experience and expertise are available for integrating the delivery of a whole suite of statutorily required strategic plans, actions and interventions. The integration opportunity extends to Local Nature Partnerships, Local Enterprise Partnerships and regeneration agencies, with benefits coming from more efficient management of the land-sea interface. The partnerships in the network have proven track records and are ready to help with local delivery. 

The benefits of Coastal Partnerships are diverse and reflect the distinctive qualities of each partnership, but include:

  • A proven role in consensus building and collaboration 

  • The ability to work across sectors 

  • Established local networks

  • A trusted mechanism for community participation 

  • Ability to attract project funding and initiate collaborative ventures 

  • Gap filling in the absence of statutory or sectoral responsibility 

  • Experience of mobilising voluntary support and involement

  • Education and awareness raising 

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