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Explore our East Coast Partnerships below. Visit their websites by clicking on their names and be sure to follow them on Twitter for updates on the great work they do in their local areas.


The Deben Estuary Partnership was formed in 2008 with the vision of creating a plan along with the Environment Agency and Suffolk Coast and Heaths to protect the future of the Estuary. This Plan was to replace the Strategy previously proposed by the Environment Agency. Thus was developed the following objective of the group: "To safeguard the Deben estuary from degradation by creating management partnerships of all the interested parties, particularly local communities, working together so that future generations may continue to benefit."

Flood defences, or their omission, will have an impact on our peninsula for decades to come and therefore affect current and future generations.  Such impacts could manifest themselves sooner than the arrival of the sea itself if our coast is not seen as being actively managed and insurance costs and valuations are affected. Bawdsey Coastal Partnership (BCP) has a clear purpose to determine long term solutions that support the future ambitions of those living in and visiting our beautiful area.  To do this well the BCP needs both your help and your involvement in shaping that future.

The Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership (AOEP) was formed in 2012 and has coordinated the approach for upgrading and maintaining the flood defences in the Alde and Ore Estuary. To date the Partnership has organised the assessment of the current defences and the design of the upgrades which will be required to give a 1:200 standard in 2050. This means in effect that, although the defences may be overtopped during a surge tide, the likelihood of breach should be greatly reduced. The Estuary Plan, now endorsed by all the statutory authorities and detailing the proposed management of the defences, can be found on their website.

The Norfolk Coast Partnership (NCP) was set up in December 1991 (as the Norfolk Coast Project) initially to focus on the pressures on the area arising from increasing numbers of visitors, which were perceived as having a damaging effect on the areas natural beauty. Since then, the focus has broadened, although management of recreational pressures is still a high priority. The Norfolk Coast Partnership brings together the many stakeholders who have a role in managing the area. Its objectives are the statutory purpose and secondary objectives of AONB designation, i.e. the conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of the area; facilitation and enhancement of sensitive public enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the area; and promotion of sustainable forms of social and economic development that in themselves conserve and enhance the areas natural beauty.


The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership is an organisation that represents twenty regulatory authorities that work collaboratively to deliver their legal duties to the network of 4 protected areas at The Wash & North Norfolk coast. This collaborative effort is organised through The Wash and North Norfolk Coast Management Scheme and delivered every year through the Annual Management Plan. The Marine Partnership also represents the local coastal communities of The Wash and North Norfolk. Three community groups, known as Advisory Groups, exist where local people who live and work in the marine environment can meet with the regulatory authorities to work together to ensure management measures are appropriate and locally supported. These Advisory Groups are a key component for successful partnership working and the effective protection of The Wash and North Norfolk marine nature and culture.

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