Marine CoLABoration Community of Practice

What Is the Marine CoLABoration?

The Marine CoLABoration is a collaboration of marine and related NGOs who, over the last 6 years, have worked together to put value at the heart of shaping solutions for our ocean. The CoLAB aims to increase collaborative action and explore how to communicate why the ocean matters more effectively.

CoLAB projects are referred to as ‘experiments’, as they encompass new ways of conceiving, designing, and delivering for all those involved in the process. So much has been learnt along the way, through projects such as:

  • The #OneLess campaign (seeking to reduce use of single use plastic water bottles in London.

  • Agents of Change - facilitating deep public engagement around Marine Protected Areas.

  • We Are Ocean – building a new ocean literacy network.

  • World Ocean Day for Schools - engaging and inspiring ocean advocates from childhood.

The CoLAB Community of Practice

Marine CoLABoration Community of Practice, a supportive space for practitioners who have been involved in, or are interested in, applying the CoLAB’s approaches. 

We're currently working on codifying the learning from the six years of the Marine CoLABoration. As part of capturing and sharing this wealth of insight, we are creating a toolkit of assets to introduce new members of the community to the CoLAB and the core principles of Values, Collaboration, Systems, and Governance. 

The Community of Practice - and accompanying assets - will be launched on World Ocean Day 2022. 


The Compass Course 

In autumn/winter 2022, we held the first online Compass course – a learning journey for coastal and marine professionals exploring values-based and systems approaches. This was designed and delivered alongside Forum for the Future, the Marine Conservation Society and Communications INC. Our cohort of 30 Compass participants gave fantastic feedback, and are already starting to practically imbed their learning and use the tools and approaches explored in their daily work.

After the success of Compass last year, we are currently developing the assets to launch Compass as a self-led course. The modular programme introduces coastal and marine professionals to values and systems based approaches. We will be running cohorts across this and next year, with the first intake expected in the summer.


This page will be updated will details of the first intake once the self-led course has launched, or sign up for our newsletter to receive information when sign up is live.  


If you're interested in the CoLAB's work, the Community of Practice, or the Compass course, we'd love to hear from you.