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OneCoast is a cross-sector coalition established by the Coastal Partnerships Network, Local Government Association Coastal SIG, Coastal Communities Alliance, National Coastal Tourism Academy, Natural England and New Economics Foundation, to create a unified voice to advocate on behalf of coastal issues. As a coalition, we represent: 56 local authorities, over 100 Coastal Community Teams, over 87 Coastal Partnerships and wider initiatives, 35 Coastal Destination Management Organisations and thousands of small businesses.

OneCoast aims to grow to become a cross-sector group representing industry, the public sector, environment, commerce and national bodies, wishing to partner with Government to deliver change across the coast and support the levelling up agenda to build back better, increasing community and environmental resilience. The Year of the UK Coast will form part of OneCoast’s 10-year strategy, to be developed this year.

In March 2022, OneCoast held a Meet & Greet event to introduce wider coastal community stakeholders to the emerging coalition.  There was great interest, with over 70 organisations attending - representing NGOs, industry, tourism, government, local government and funders - to find out more about what OneCoast is, the Coastal Communities APPG Inquiry, and the Year of the Coast 2023. The presentations can be watched below. 


The event also provided all attendees with an opportunity to feed in to, and influence, how OneCoast and its connected initiatives develop. If you'd like to be a part of the OneCoast community, but missed the Meet & Greet, pop us an email to sign up for the mailing list (for updates on our work, events and activity) or let us know if you'd like to be more actively involved in any of our workstreams. 

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