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Funding Opportunities 

Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund (NEIRF)

The Natural Environment Readiness Fund has been established to support organisations to attract private (and blended) funding. The grants will be available to prepare an ‘investment case’ to develop projects, and will be accessible to a wide range of organisations.

More information can be found in the summaries of the informative webinar sessions by the Green Finance Institute (via the links below), and these sessions can be viewed on YouTube here. Sessions 2 - 4 have some really inspiring case studies.


The four webinars include:

Session 1: Becoming Investment Ready - An Introduction to the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

View the Session 1 Summary.

Session 2: Success Stories

View the Session 2 Summary.

Session 3: The Investor and Intermediary Overview

View the Session 3 Summary

Session 4: Lessons on the journey

View the Session 4 Summary

The NEIRF team will be hosting a further two similar sessions that you can join for free to hear more information and ask questions – tickets can be booked via NEIRF Eventbrite. These will be held on the 20th and 21st January.

If you have any questions the NEIRF email address is 

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